Mark Kickboxing maidstone



Age 47

Rank: Black belt first dan

Why do I love kickboxing?

I took up kickboxing originally to fill a void in my life. Well that and the fact that I never had a fight in my life, so I didn’t have a clue if I could look after myself.

From the very first lesson I felt welcomed. There was such an array of people there, with a vast difference in experience. Regardless of the experience everyone was fantastic. After a few weeks I learnt a few things about myself, I also made new friends. These friends soon became a very close-knit group who I now consider family.

With over six years experience under my belt now, not only have I accomplished many physical feats, I have also learnt a lot about myself psychologically.

Every lesson pushes you to your own personal boundaries, even further if you desire.

I now pass on my knowledge and passion as an instructor in the junior and infant classes.

Why should you join?

If you are looking for a club who is first instinct is to encourage, nurture and grow then Dragon kickboxing and fitness is for you. Classes full of caring, passionate individuals who want nothing more than for you to succeed and grow with the club. You dont have to be the next kickboxing champion or the next Jean Claude Van Damme. if you just need an evening a week to burn off some of those unwanted calories or learn a few skills to help you feel a little more confident in your day to day life then you can go at your own pace without feeling you are out of your depth. Dragon kickboxing and fitness also offer personal training in Maidstone.

However, if you think you have what it takes, then take on the ever increasing challenge of gradings to earn your belts to become black belts and beyond.

For children, I find this club a fundamental importance to their school life. It teaches them discipline, keeps them fit and most importantly grows their confidence. Why is confidence so important at such a young age? Lets’ face it, school is a challenging time in anyone’s life, if you can give your child a skill that would help increase their confidence and help them hold their head up high walking down the school corridors then you have served them a huge justice. 

This will have nothing but a positive spin on all aspects of their school life, hopefully giving them a fair advantage to improve their chances of a better life.

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