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Personal Trainer Maidstone

We specialise in offering one-on-one physical training in Boxing, K1 KickBoxing, Thai Boxing, conditioning, strength, weight loss.


Our personal training is designed to fit our clients’ unique fitness goals, no matter what you need:


  • Weight Loss

This is one of the most desired fitness goals and yet the toughest one to achieve. We can offer dietary advice and train you to achieve your goal.


  • Sports Specific Training

Whether you are a beginner looking to learn a new sport or an aspiring athlete preparing to compete, we provide personal training sessions to suit your needs.

We offer one-on-one classes in Boxing, KickBoxing, Thai Boxing and many other sports – helping you with fat burning, weight loss, improved confidence and stress-busting.


  • Strength / Conditioning

We offer excellent strength and conditioning training which will help you become stronger and leaner.

Training is personalised to suit your individual requirements and goals.

We can train either one or two people together. We offer a discount for bulk sessions.

Richard Cheval

Richard is an advanced level 3 personal trainer and fully qualified boxing fitness coach through Ricky Hatton as well as 5th Dan Kickboxer. With a great proven track record with many people, Richard Cheval has trained professional fighters as well as footballers, rugby players and anyone who wants to achieve their fitness goal.


Richard has experience training individuals and groups with a variety of personal targets, he can provide flexible personal training times Monday to Saturday from 8 am around Maidstone.


He has a proven track record over many years in personal training helping people build their stamina and strength. Athletes from other sports also participate in personal training sessions to improve their fitness levels.


Our Instructors teach a modern K1 Kickboxing style with combinations of K1 Kickboxing, Boxing, Thai Boxing and Combatives from their experience, making our session new and interesting every time.

Start your fitness journey today!

We provide personal training in and around Maidstone and train people of all shapes and sizes and of varying fitness levels.

Real Fitness, Real results!


All of our instructors have gained black belts in K1 Kickboxing and have full disclosure certification. The academy is fully insured and all our students have one to one insurance.

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