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Kids K1 Kickboxing

These classes are for children from the ages of 4 to 6.


The children earn self discipline, co-ordination, teamwork, balance, fitness and fun!


We grade the children throughout the year, this is a good confidence builder for children of this age as well as being an indicator of their progress.


All our Instructors are experienced in teaching children of this age and are fully insured and Police disclosure accredited.

Junior K1 Kickboxing

This class builds on the basics and involves a lot of fitness and stamina work. The children learn how to punch and kick on pads and shields, this helps build their confidence and self esteem.


We grade the children throughout the year to ensure their progress continues. We actively discourage any form of bullying in any way shape or form.


Many children train with us just for the fitness and fun they have learning a new skill. We also have many children who spar and compete.


Whether they wish to train for the fun and fitness or to compete all are welcome.

Adult K1 Kickboxing

Our Adult classes are excellent for stress relief: fat burning, weight loss, boosting your confidence and developing realistic self protection skills.


We offer a full grading syllabus for those that wish to grade and train very hard in an ego free friendly  atmosphere.


Our classes last an hour and each one is varied to ensure you gain the maximum results. We teach a practical style of K1 Kickboxing which also involves lots of conditioning/fitness work.


Many of our members choose to compete, this is not mandatory and we have just as many members who train with us for the fitness benefits our classes offer.

Personal Training

We are able  offer one to one personal training at our home gym in Maidstone. Our Chief Instructor is a fully qualified Advanced Level 3 personal trainer and a 4th Dan Kickboxer and able to tailor make a fitness programme to help you achieve your fitness goals.


We can offer personal training in Boxing, K1 Kickboxing, Thai Boxing or just General Fitness. We have a proven record in weight loss and fitness gain in particular.


Our fully equipped home gym alongside our PTs knowledge will help you achieve whatever goals you have. We can assist with your diet and design a fitness programme specifically designed for you.


We offer discounts on group training if you wanted to train with a friend, so get in touch now!
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